Welcome to The Journal

Welcome to The Journal of Dr. Ernest Calvin Gambrell

Here you will find personal entires from Dr. Gambrell himself. We have set this up in such a way that it will be archived until the LORD JESUS returns so that his footprints of faithfulness through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT will lead you to CHRIST. We hope you enjoy being able to find a legacy of love and faithfulness here online of someone who is beloved around the world because he allowed our Gracious LORD JESUS to save him and transform him day-by-day. You will find generations have been changed as he daily looked and trusted in his SAVIOR and walked with the one and only GOD of the universe.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that this site, as it reflects the life of my grandfather, Dr. Ernest Gambrell, will lead you to and always point you to JESUS CHRIST. In HIS power alone do we have any good within us. We all are what we are by the Grace of GOD.

At HIS Feet,
Jason Denison (Grand-son)