Jonathan Gambrell

Son December 19, 2007
Jon Gambrell

Where can I begin? Proverbs 22:1 “ A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches…” I like the adjectives God uses in the Bible. Not simply “riches”, but “great riches”. I certainly would agree! I am very grateful that you have lived your public life in such a way that your name has become one that stands for integrity, and service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Many men have left their children “great riches” but have failed to leave a “good name”. I am privileged to carry that “good name” today and pray that I will continue the same heritage for my children.

In your private life you lived the same. I am blessed with a vast amount of childhood memories of us spending time together. I remember the hunting trips; the many hours spent tossing a baseball or football. I remember the envious look of my classmates when I told them that my dad was checking me out early from school to go fishing for the afternoon! You truly did take a good amount of time from your schedule to make sure I spent time with you and that I felt loved.

I appreciate the work ethic you instilled in me. I remember very, very well the many times I had to hoe the rows in the garden. The many times I “helped” change the oil. I remember when “we” roofed the house. I did a lot of watching while growing up, but I also did a lot of learning. I have found that in my adult life, I now have no problem getting dirty while changing my own oil. I don’t hesitate to take care of projects around the house. You taught me good skills, and also taught me not to be lazy. This work ethic has played a great role in my ability to provide for my family today.
I remember that many times I would get up in the night to get a drink, only to find you at the family couch on your knees in prayer. As a young person I had some appreciation for this, however, as an adult, I have the utmost respect for the time you spend in prayer. None could ever place a value on the time you spend in prayer for our family.

Watching you serve the Lord with consistency and preach from your heart also had a big impact on me. I believe I learned most about serving God from watching you.

When asked what my father does, I am always proud to tell people that you are a preacher, and that you are involved in getting the gospel out around the globe.

You have been, and are a good father. I could write a thousand lines and never say enough. I think you know my heart. I pray that my children will see some of you in my life.

Thank you Dad.

I love you.