Joesph Gambrell

Son December 19, 2007
Joe Gambrell

Hey dad! I love you!

I tried to think back on the earliest memory I could of you and I’m not sure of the order in years. It was in Helena at the end of the street and the cotton field in the back yard. Memories of you in the floor wrestling with me and flipping me over your shoulder; wow that was fun! Playing in the cotton wagon while you helped Mr. Gregory. Those fishing trips so early in the morning that taught me discipline to “get up” get going and not be lazy. Teaching me the joys of catching a fish. Camping at Jordan’s landing with the Logans. I remember the floating swim platform you would swim out to with us and let us jump off of over and over.

There are way far too many memories of you and mom to put on this piece of paper. I’d have to write a book. (maybe later) The things you instilled in me that I had no idea at the time it was happening, have made my life what it is today. A lot of those times I wasn’t very happy about. For example, hand digging the garden in Mexico and pulling out the weeds as I went. But now I know how to use a shovel. What a simple thing. Thanks! The gifts and abilities God gave me and you as a dad bringing those to the surface in my life are irreplaceable. I can’t imagine where I would be if you had not taken the time to teach me all the things you did.

I can only imagine the joys of teaching your son to be a man. The awesome responsibility to know that much of his future is in your hands. I also realize that if it were not for you having God first in your life my life would be…. who knows!!! Thank you for standing on the Word of God, being strong and unchanging. I can only pray that my life and practices will be as your example have been to me. I can’t imagine having been born into any other family but ours. Any other would have been less than the best! I mean that with all my heart!

Love ya dad!!!!!!