Teresa Denison

Daughter December 19, 2007
Teresa Gambrell Denison

I am quite sure it is impossible to put all one’s feelings for a parent into mere words on a thing so invaluable as a piece of paper. Where do you begin? Are there even words to express such a love? A love such as this only comes from first experiencing true love shown by a parent. Truly I have been blessed to know such a love for as long as I can remember. I have the most WONDERFUL Daddy in the whole wide world! And though I’ve always known this, the older I get the more I realize what a TREASURE I have.

From such a young age I wanted to be exactly like my daddy. One of my earliest memories is wanting to polish your shoes just like I’d seen you do….the beginning of learning responsibility.

I wanted to walk around the house my small feet on your feet…the beginning of knowing you would protect me and not let me fall.

I loved wrapping presents with you at Christmas time. You wouldn’t just tape on a bow but you’d be so creative with the ribbon and make each package different and special and write a note on each gift tag….the beginning of me realizing that people are the same….different and each one special, that no matter how small the task do it well…give your best, being positive and having fun even in the time consuming, seemingly unimportant tasks…to be creative. (and you never knew how much someone could learn from just wrapping presents with you / ;)).

Watching you roll yards, put water hoses over the roof to be prepared for the yard rollers, all the men of the church at our house all night and the women at the neighbor’s house….the beginning of knowing that Christians can have fun without the world’s methods.

All the camping trips, stories around the fire, smell of the old green tent, boat rides, pyramids, crawl-dads, marinas…the beginning of wonderful family memories…learning that it doesn’t take a Taj mahol to make someone happy, just being together with those closest to us…..What FUN we had!

Holding me in your lap every night around the fire at North Fork to protect me from those hard shell bugs….knowing Daddy’s arms were safe arms.

Building us a club house out back on Gailwood….helping me paint my bedroom furniture on several occasions…Surprising us by building us a ping pong table for Christmas (which we had hours of fun playing on). always asking at the hotels if they would let you take us swimming after hours when we’d be traveling all day (knowing now that you would have probably rather rested in the room), then after swimming the famous chip and dip (Yum), take us to the Tea Room or Tulsa’s in Guadalajara (I felt so special), buying me peppermint ice cream when we had so little money ( I feel terrible now – you and mom didn’t even like it)

All these and so many thousands more showing me that my world was important to you…. the beginning of teaching me to give of myself, to think ahead, that it is what you make it, work can be fun and rewarding, don’t just expect a no – ask, take time to make people feel special, teamwork, a little paint, soap and water does wonders and so much more…..

I will forever see…. the image of you working in the garden, tilling, planting, watering, weeding, picking, canning….the beginning of seeing that hard work pays off and is rewarding.

the image of you preaching…and me being so proud that my daddy was
the BEST preacher I’d ever heard (and I’ve heard many)

the image of you reading your Bible and studying…knowing
you practice what you preach

the image of you kneeling at the foot of my bed praying when you
didn’t know I saw you…WOW….what that has meant to me
through the years

You have not only taught me by words but by actions….and all the while teaching me and preparing me to be a parent one day.

Your love didn’t stop when I left home and continued on with Mike and our three children. We all have a wonderful heritage, precious memories, and a knowledge that you truly love us and would do anything for us. For you it doesn’t matter if it is hot, cold, rain or snow…you always have put our needs before your own. We CAN count on you all the time!!

You began to teach me so much at a young age and still teach me now…..You have taught me how to love by showing me true love!

You have not only been a great parent but a great friend!


Your favorite daughter (and only one / :) )