Bro. Richard Miller

December 28, 2007

Over The Years, I Have Met Many Men and Women Serving The Lord. I Honestly Know Few That Has Fervently Served and Strived To Help Others Get Prepared To For The Battle of Souls. Completeing The Great Commission Has Been The Heart Beat of Dr. Ernest Gambrell. He Is One Of The Few That I Personally Know That Has Given His Best To Live Godly. That Has Set A Good Example, Which Has Actually Caused Others To Want To Serve Our Lord At Home and Abroad.

I Have Found His Character Human But Yet Desireable. I Have Found His Efforts To Be Genuine. His Determination To Be Unending. His Love For The Lord and His Work His Utmost Priority. None Serve Without Making Mistakes But If and When Ernest Gambrell Made A Mistake, He Has Been Man Enough To Admit His Mistake.

Today There Are Becoming Fewer and Fewer Men and Women That Have The Character Of A Statesman. We Have Few Coming Up Behind Us To Take Our Place With The Character and Principles That Dr. Ernest Gambrell Has. I Have Been A Brother In Christ and Close Friend of Ernest and Diane Gambrell For Over 35 Years. After All Of These Many Years, I Find Myself Still Very Proud To Have Both Of Them As My Friend, My Brother and My Sister. They Both Have Proven Themselves Over and Over Again To So Many Down Through The Years. You Cannot Compliment Bro Ernest Gambrell Without Mentioning His Dear Wife, Sister Diane Gambrell. He May Have Everything But He Has Nothing Without Sister Diane.

Mistakes! Everyone Has Made Mistakes and Mistakes Are Always Remembered. Accomplishment Are Quickly Forgotten. Everyone Has Their Critics. Some May Have Been Justified To Have Been Critical Of Ernest Gambrell At Times But Not Most Times. The Bible Says, Beware When All Men Speak Well Of You. In spite Of His Critics, He Is A Man That Says What He Believes. He Stands Where He Stands and You Have To Admire A Man or Woman That Will Come Forth and Stand For What He or She Believes.

Good On You Bro. Ernest. You Have Fought A Good Fight. You Have Kept The Faith and May You Complete Your Race With Righteous Integrity and Godly Dignity.

I Am Reminded Of These Two Verses.

Proverbs 22:1 A Good Name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

Ecclesiastes 7:1 A Good Name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

You Have Stood The Test In My Eyes Bro Ernest and I Am Proud Of Your Track Record. Keep Marching On. Soon We Will All See Jesus and Then The Real Test Will Come As Our True Record Goes Through The Fire. It Will Not Be What Others Say Or Has Said. What Remains Will Say It All On That Day.

I Am Reminded Of Something That Dr. Vance Havner Said. This May Not Be Word For Word But It Says What He Said.

“If You Please The Lord and It Matters Not Who You Displease, But If You Displease The Lord, It Matters Not Who You Please.”

May The Lord Keep Blessing You Bro Ernest and Sister Diane For Years To Come and May Most Of Your Work and Efforts For Him Come Through The Fire As Pure Gold.

Your Brother and Friend Forever,

Bro Richard Miller
Missionary Serving In The South Pacific.