Christian Life Series

This series of study booklets are written in “Programmed Learning” format. This means that the subject is given and a purpose is stated; then a paragraph of Bible information is explained. Following this is a series of questions, along with Bible references where the student can find the answer. These series can be used as a correspondence course, but it is better used in a classroom situation where the lessons are assigned as “homework” and then discussed in the classroom with the teacher making sure the students have the correct answers and giving them companion verses to strengthen the lesson. Available in English and Spanish.

  1. The Christian’s Relationship to Christ
  2. The Local Church and the Christian
  3. The Purpose of a Christian’s Life
  4. The Victorious Christian’s Life
  5. Communicating with God
  6. Finding the Will of God
  7. Overcoming Temptation
  8. Building a Christian Family
  9. Knowing the Holy Spirit
  10. Learning to Live by Faith
  11. Witnessing to Others
  12. The Importance of Stewardship
  13. The Christian and World Missions
  14. Separation from the World
  15. Persecution of the Christian

Available in English & Spanish