These are Quotes & Sayings that Dr Ernest Gambrell has said over the years. If you have any that you would like to share, please send it to us in the contact us section. If we approve it, we’ll add it here. We hope you enjoy some of the wisdom from the years of being in the ministry. Some of these were collected directly from Dr. Gambrell’s Bible and his personal notes. Also at the bottom are Favorite Quotes that have meant something to Ernest though the years.

  • "It is costly to surrender to the mission field. It is more costly not to surrender to the mission field." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "A man who surrenders to God will never have to surrender to the enemy. " Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "To make a mountain our of a mole hill, just keep adding dirt. " Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "God never makes exceptions at the expense of His holiness. " Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "We are reaping today what we sowed yesterday. But, you can sow today what you wish to reap tomorrow." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "One snow flake alone is fragile, but enough of them working together can stop traffic. " Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "If you separate the Blood of Christ from the Word of God, the Word of God becomes the "letter of the law" and the law killeth." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "How much would you do for God if no one knew about it but God?" Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "Missionaries are that small band of people who have so little and give so much." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "The older you are the few things there are that really matter." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "Lost people are not interested in how much you know, Until they know how interested you are in them." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "If you are interested in knowing how much you are worth, take a piece of paper and write down all the things you own that money won't buy and death won't take away." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "True wealth is not what my estate amounts to, but what I amount to." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "If God can save the "chief of sinners" he won't have any trouble with you and me." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "God does not send weekly or monthly bills, but wicked men have been shocked when the bill arrived!" Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "Why be God's enemy when He has invited you to be His friend?" Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "If we suffer and do not succeed - it is because someone will succeed after us. If we succeed and do not suffer - it is because someone suffered before us. " Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "The Blood of Christ will not wash away sins that we don’t give up!" Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "Do we want guidance by God or want to endorse our plans." Dr. Ernest Gambrell
  • "God holds us accountable for the difference between what we have done for Him and what we could have done for Him" Dr. Ernest Gambrell
Favorite Quotes
  • "When there is a fight in a church, the devil never takes sides. He stays neutral, but supplies ammunition for both sides." Teddy Steele
  • "When the spiritual tides is low, every little shrimp has a puddle of his own." Vance Havner
  • "As death finds a man, eternity keeps him" Teddy Steele